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 NEWS 2012

2 December
Dance show "Dancing India, Dancing Latvia"

On December 2nd, 5 p.m. everyone is most welcome to come and enjoy the
dance show "Dancing India, Dancing Latvia" at "Lielā ģilde", to discover
the grace of Indian and Latvian dance as well as the differences and
similarities. Concert hall address: Riga, Amatu street 6.

The participants: Indian Dance Studio BHARATA, Indian LILA Dance Studio,
Dance and Song Foundation DA PĒRLE, Children and Youth Centre Kurzeme,
folk dance group KURZEMĪTE, folk dance group SWEDBANK, Skulte
middle-aged dance group LECAM PA VECAM.
Organizators: Association IKC Bharata, Dance Association Dance of Life.
Tickets for the concert are available at Biļešu serviss.
Ticket cost: 3-7 Ls. Discount for students, seniors and groups of
spectators in more than 5 people. People with disabilities need to apply
at Lielā Ģilde by phone: 29276245.

More information:,, +371 29893978,

29 September
Workshops for soloists by Pille Roosi in Riga

In April and May were in Riga intensive workshops for soloists. There was a
possibility to learn a full routine of raks sharki. Third part was
postponed and is going to be on 29.September.

In that last part we are going to give highlights the show with lively drumsolo and take
hole show to conclusion with final item. Also we talk about stagecraft
in lecture: how to be the star on every stage.

To drumsolo are welcome all dancers of advanced level although they didnt partizipate earlier.

Also if you want to add to your programm big final to pay respects to
audience, make last impression and leave stage with dignity, then you
can join this 1h workshop.

The music of drumsolo and final are from CD Heya di Yasmina.

By registration please send your name,  e-mail and phone number to (you can write in russian, russian transliteration
or english). Any questions by phone +37129893978 (Larisa Podskochaja)
or +372 5535997 (Pille Roosi)
Workshops will be held in Dance studio Paradis, Dzirnavu street 135, 2 floor.

Schedule and prices:

13:30-16:00 Drumsolo 17 Ls
16:30-17:30 Final 7Ls
17:30-18:30 Lecture 5Ls
There is also possibility to have privat class with Pille Roosi to have
feedback about your technique, maners of performing, ideas how to
develop yourself. Time for privatclass appointment by registration.
Price 1h/20Ls

Organizer: Indian culture center Bharata

14, 22, 28 July
Bollywood dance seminar

We invite dancers of different styles to bollywood dance workshop. During
the workshop you will learn the history of bollywood dance and its
different styles, will study in practice the main items of each style,
will learn basic routines, and know about the principles behind the
choreographies. At the final workshop a short choreography (3 minutes)
in the style of bollywood dance will be learned.

Teacher: Avikk Parkour - dancer and choreographer from India
Language of workshop: English.
Workshop time: 12.00-14.00
Place: Riga, Stabu street 10/ 4, 1st floor.

About the teacher and workshop 

Wanna Groove your body in Bollywood Style ?
Wanna make your body speak for you ?
Straight from India the dance form of Bollywood where you express, move and
groove with the rhythm, on the beats and where your body speaks for you !
is the modern form of Indian Dance with a vast variety in it because of
the fusion of many Indian Folk and Classical dances blending with the
other Western Dance forms. It’s now one of the best entertaining dance
form because in this form of Dance you catch the
beats, with the melody, without missing the lyrics and your face does the expressions.
Bollywood never leaves its base of having fun J.
Class will start with the Energetic Bollywood Meditation ( Warm up )
followed by the basics of Bollywood Dance. The class will move on with
Different techniques keeping fun and entertainment as it’s base. The
class will end with the process of Soothing down your body.

Parkour has been in the field of Bollywood from last 8 years. He has
worked with some of the big choreographers in India and has performed in
movies also. He has performed both Nationally and Internationally. He
owns his own Studio and professional Troupe, named
as LYBS ( Let Your Body Speak )

"I believe that learning is a continuous never ending process..... and so I am still running." – AVIK


14.07. Saturday 12:00 - 14:00
• Bollywood Dance
• Bolly-Hop
• Today s Bollywood

22. 07.
Sunday 12:00 - 14:00

• Bhangra
• Indian folk dance
• Lyrical Bollywood Freestyle

28.07. Saturday 12:00 - 14:00
An introductory lecture on the basics of choreography creation. 3 min. dance choreography.

Participation fee:

The first class - 15 Euro
The second class - 15 Euro
The third class (choreography) - 20 Euro
The first and second classes together - 25 Euro
The first or second class+ third  - 30 Euro
The whole course - 45 Euro

Organizer: Indian culture center Bharata
Registration: or phone: +371 2983978

26 June
Rajendra Gangani and Swati Sinha kathak concert

On 26 June at 19.00 the world famous Kathak dancer Rajendra Gangani will
perform at the SPLENDID PALACE, Riga accompanied by his student Swati
Sinha.  For the first time in many years the renowned dancer from
India as part of his Europe tour will present in front of the Latvian
audience one of the oldest dance traditions – Kathak dance. 
Rajendra Gangani is considered to be one of the most famous performers of Indian
classical dance in India and abroad, who has performed extensively
around the world. Rajendra Gangani comes from a family of dancers
and musicians and from his childhood has been trained in Jaipur style of
Kathak dance. Now he is a true representative of the oldest tradition
that has been passed from generation to generation.
Rajendra Gangani is particularly known for the speed and precision of his technique and
will present an outstanding performance, where he will demonstrate a
number of unique choreographic compositions typical to north India. The
audience will be mesmerised by the dance performance full of energy and
joy, incredible spins and unforgettable footwork rhythms.
The concert will give an insight into a classical Indian dance tradition and
is a rare opportunity to see Kathak dance performed by one of the most
famous dancers of today.

"If dance is indeed a many splendored thing and is the expression of inner joy, then it is Rajendra s Kathak
exudes this ecstasy. His dance is full of life and rhythm. Witnessing
his performance in Riga has been a dream that came true
thanks to the support of Riga s City Council and the Embassy of India in Stockholm" – informs Natalya Garanina. 

Additional information can be found on and on social networks, such as Twitter
and Facebook. The tickets can be booked in „Biļešu Serviss” ticket offices.

29 April, 12 May, 3 June
Workshops for soloists by Pille Roosi in Riga

Workshops are very intensive and ment for dancers who wants to develop themself
as soloist. You will learn choreographies made by Pille Roosi specially for you, for that occasion.

Roosi will share her 15 year oriental dance experience as she prepared so many dancers for stage and
conducted proffessional dancegroups in Estonia.

Address: Riga, K.Barona street 97a

At choreography lessons you learn full routine of bellydance (plz find the list below).

In lectures and practicums
You become familiar with you body
Open yourself to express your feeling on stage
Learn to complete your outfit
to put together your perfomance
analize how you act on stage
recive feedback about your technique and your stage movement

Workshop is divided into three parts.

1.part ,
Sunday, 29.April 2012
2. part,
Saturday, 12.May 2012
Sunday, 3.June 2012

11:00 -14:00 1.choreography
Energy break
14:15-16:15  lecture and practicum
Energy break
16:30-18.30 2.choreography

11:00 -14:00 3.choreography
Energy break
14:15-16:15  lecture and practicum
Energy break
16:30-18.30 4.choreography

11:00 -14:00 5.choreography
Energy break
14:15-16:15  lecture and practicum
Energy break
16:30-18.30 6.choreography and assembling
of full routine

Traditional full routine of egyptian raks sharki lasts 20-30 minutes and includes
many different dance numbers. You will certainly find there entrance
piece – oriental and tabla solo at the end. In between there might be
oriental song, tarab, a dramatical song by Om Kalthoum, simple folcloric
dance piece, vivid shaabi or baladi.
The program for intensive for soloists contens 6 dances and music is from CD
Heya di Yasmina. Chreography lessons will be as follows:
1. Heya di Yasmina, Entrance
2. Ya helwa sabah
3. Howa Sahih el Hawa Ghalab (Om Kaltoum)
4. Baladi Yasmina
5. Negum solo tabla
6. Finale

All registrated participants recive CD with music. In the end of workshops you can take video.
In last section of 3.part will be taken video of participants to give feedback. Workshops will be helt in Russian or English.
Bring along layered training outfit, yogamat, anough water and food for energy breaks, pen and paper for taking notes.

Whole sum for 3 workshops 80 Ls (if payed at 1.workshops)
Paying by parts - 1 part 30 Ls
It’s possible also to take part of single choreography course:
1., 3. and 5. choreography course (3 h) 18 Ls
2. and 4.  choreography course (2 h) 12 Ls
Lectures and practicums (2h) 10 Ls
If you need to combine two choises of these there will be also some discount.

By registration please send your name, age, dance experience, teachers
name, e-mail and phone number to (you can write in
russian, russian transliteration or english). Any questions by phone
+37129893978 (Larisa Podskochaya) or +372 5535997 (Pille Roosi)

Privat consultations
It’s possible to ask for privat consultations to get personal advise and to order personal choreography.
Wish you a enjoyable journey of taking these highs as soloist!
Pille Roosi

27 May, 2012
Dr.Janaki Rangarajan Bharatanatyam master class

Culture center Bharata invite bharatanatyam dancers to Dr. Janaki Rangarajan master class "Understanding Karanas" on  May 27.
Master class time:  11AM - 2PM.
Address: Stabu street 10/4, Riga, Latvia
A preliminary price for the class - 20 EUR.

Masterclass description

Dr.Janaki Rangarajan’s master class, “Understanding Karanas,” will focus on
understanding the theoretical and practical aspects of “Karanas.” Just
as the “Adavus” are the basic units of dance in Bharatanatyam, Karanas
were the basic units of dance in ancient India. The “Natyasastra,”
written over 2000 years ago, describes 108 Karanas in use at that time.
As Indian regional classical dance styles such as Bharatanatyam developed
through the past few centuries, the use of Karanas declined.
Janaki’s Guru, Dr.Padma Subrahmanyam, theorized that the Karanas which are
immortalized as sculptures on temple facades in places like Chidambaram
and Thanjavur were not merely static postures but are actually complete
movements. After exhaustive research, Dr. Padma deciphered how each
Karana can be performed. Karanas are made up of three elements: Caris
(leg movements), Nrtta Hastas (hand movements) and Sthanas (static
In the master class, Janaki will select certain Karanas and
teach participants the Caris, Nrtta Hastas and Sthanas that make up
those Karanas so that participants will understand how a Karana can be
performed. Through this master class, in addition to learning this new
dance vocabulary that can be used to enhance Bharatanatyam choreography,
participants will gain a deeper awareness and appreciation about
ancient Indian theatre and dance movements which were common and
prevalent all over Asia. “Nadanamamani”
Dr. Janaki Rangarajan is an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer and choreographer. Janaki received her
training from Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam. Janaki performs every year during
the season in Chennai as well as at many prestigious venues in India
and abroad. Janaki has received several awards including the
Nadanamamani – Shriram Award of Excellence from Kartik Fine Arts, the
Vasanthalakshmi-Narasimhachari Award from Narada Gana Sabha, Sathya
Nrithya Sundaram from Bharathanjali Trust, NCA Excellence Award from
Nungambakkam Cultural Academy, Singar Mani from Sur Singar Samsad, and
the Strauss Fellowship for Choreography from Arts Council of Fairfax
County. Janaki is a Doordarshan graded artiste and an ICCR empaneled
For more information about Dr. Janaki Rangarajan, please visit 

27 May, 2012
Dr.Janaki Rangarajan  recital
"Nrithya Rasanubhavam -
 Experiencing the Essence of Indian Classical Dance"

Culture center Bharata  invite all to Janaki Rangarajan bharatanatyam recital
"Nrithya Rasanubhavam - Experiencing the Essence of Indian Classical
Dance" on 27 May, at 6PM in Riga, Merkelya street 13, Riga Latvian
Society hous, Club Hall.
Entrance for donatations 5 LVL.

About Janaki

info:, +371 29893978

15 March
Indo Latvian Frendship Festival

A cultural festival  in cooperation with Embassy of India, Stockholm,
Sweden, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Latvian Institute,
Riga, Latvia - Declaration of Indo Latvian Friendship Day and
Presentation of IBF Indo Latvian Goodwill Ambassador Award (IBF-ILGA
Mamata Shankar and her dance troupe are specially being
flown into Riga, Latvia for performing Rabindranath Tagore Compositions
“Horikhela” and “Tagore in Symphony” to celebrate the inaugural year of
the Indo Latvian Friendship Festival 2012.

IBF with the support of its co-organisers proudly present her dance troupe to Latvia on 15th
March, 6 pm, in Congress Hall in Riga. We invite you to the Indo Baltic
Friendship Festival - 2012, Riga, Latvia to enjoy the wonderful dance
Tickets: “Biļešu Serviss. ”Info:

28 February
Indo Latvian Bilateral Economic Forum 2012, Riga Latvia

Honble Minister of Health of Latvian Republic H.E. Ms. Ingrīda Circene and
H.E. Mr Ashok Sajjanhar, Ambassador of India to Sweden & Latvia
signed the agreement on cooperation in health and medical sciences
between Latvia and India.
The event was followed by a cultural
program in which Ragas by Sergejs Ancupovs, Bharat Natyam by Bharata
dance Group and Musical comparison of Latvian and Sanskrit by Ms. Nitya
Rupa were performed.

2011 30 October
Indian classical dance show DIPANRITYA

Indian classical dance show DIPANRITYA on 30 October, 17.00
Gertruda street theatre
Gertrudes street 101a, Riga (Latvia)

In shows programm:

Svetlana Rizhakova (Russia) – North India style KATHAK
Studio "Bharata (Latvia) – Sought India style BHARATA NATYAM
Studio "Lila"  (Latvia) - North India style KATHAK

Info: +371 29893978, e-mail: 

2011, 1-2 October
Anusha Subramanyam bharatanatyam workshop in Riga

Anusha Subramanyam, director of Beeja, is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and
dance movement therapist. She is an alumunus of Kalakshetra College of
Fine Arts, where she graduated in honours in 1986. She subsequently
trained under Leela Samson in New Delhi. In 1994 she was awarded the Dr.
PN Berry and Chevening Scholarships to study Dance Movement Therapy in
the UK.
Anusha is seen as one of the most exciting exponents of
Bharatanatyam working "inside" and "outside" of its tradition. Her work
is trans-cultural and inter-generational. She has choreographed a wide
range of performances and has collaborated with artists from a variety
of disciplines to create work that is accessible, entertaining and
challenging. Anusha is an inspiring teacher who, for the last 23 years,
has focused on integrating dance, education, somatic and contemplative
practices into her work. She has also trained as a Pilates teacher.
Anusha has performed and taught internationally. Her passion for dance
and belief that everyone can dance is at the core of Beeja ethos.

This intensive two-day course is open to everyone who has previous knowledge of bharatanatyam.
Each day there will be 2 classes. The first one will be a technique class
(1hr) and will cover various adavus (basic steps) and their combinations
and will give insight into Anusha teaching method that combines
classical approach with body-awareness practises.
In the second class
(2-2,5hrs) Anusha will teach a Padam - Kanthitha Nayika, an expression
dance item, where dancer narrates a story using hand gestures and face

Sat 1st Oct: 14.00 - 18.00 (including short breaks)
Sun 2nd Oct: 14.00 - 18.00 (including short breaks)

Address: Dzirnavu 42, Riga

The fee for the whole course - 30 LVL
To register and for more information please contact Elena Jacinta - or Larisa Podskochaya -
Information: +371 29893978,

2011 30 September
Anuha Subramanyam bharatanatyam recital in Riga

Culture center Bharata and Beeja dance company invite all to Anusha Subramanyam
bharatanatyam recital "MURUGAN MARGAM" on 30 September, 19.00 in Riga,
Merkelya street 13, Riga Latvian Society hous, White Hall. Entrance for
donatations 5 LVL.

Video presentation

info:, +371 29893978

August 20-22, 2011   
Malini Srinivasan master-class in Tallinn

natyam course for intermediate level conducted by Malini Srinivasan
(India/USA) Malini teaches at Amrita Dance Studio, Tallinn, Estonia,
Salme Culture Center.
Workshop will be saturday, 20 August at 15.00-18.00 and sunday, 21 August at 10.00-13.00
registration by e-mail
Cost: 50 EUR

About the dancer
Srinivasan, disciple of Professor C.V.Chandrasekhar, is a dancer from
the diaspora. Her strength lies in the maturity and dignity that she
lends to her Bharatnatyam style. Grace pervades her movements, whether
she is executing a step or delineating a line.

2011 11,12,18 July
Alex Furdak bharatanatyam masterclasses in Riga

Centre Bharata presents Indian dance masterclasses on 11,12,18 July in Riga (Latvia). Masterclass teacher Alex Furdak.
Alex Furdak
has learned bharatanatyam dance form from a number of renowned teachers
in Estonia, Russia, India, France and Nidherlands. Alex Bharatanatyam
teachers: Pille Roosi, Dmitriy Zmeyev, Ragunath Manet, guru Omkar, etc.
Now Alex lives in Amsterdam and he is an active member of the Samadhi
Dance Company as a performer.

Masterclass subject: Hindilam Jati Swaram choreography.
Masterclass partisipants: intermidiate and advanced dance levels.
Cost 5 LVL.
Info: +371 29893978, e-mail:

2011 22 June
Indian classical dance show NATYA SANGAM

Indian classical dance show NATYA SANGAM on 22 June, 18.00
Independent theatre KABATA
Peldu street 19, Old Riga (Latvia)

In shows programm:

Svetlana Rizhakova (Russia) – North India style KATHAK
Alex Furdak (Latvia, Holand) – Sought India style BHARATA NATYAM
Madina Andassova  (Kazakh,India) - East India style ODISSI

Info: +371 29893978, e-mail: 

2011 16 June
VIYA VETRA Indian dance masterclass

Studio Bharata invite all Indian dance students to Viya Vetra (ASV) masterclass on 16 June.
Masterclass time: 18.30-20.00
Materclass subject: lecture, dance tehnique
Masterclass address: Riga (Latvia), Strugu street 4, 1 floor.  

Registration: +371 29893978, or e-mail:


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